No pet. You’re not bad. Just irritating.

My 7 year old was gently chastised by myself the other day after an incident where he displayed his half assness approach to a task. Much like his mother would do. He looked at me, cocked his head and said…

“My bad.”

No son of mine is going to get into the habit of saying “My bad” and he got more in trouble for that than he did for not locking the back gate after he had taken the bins out.

My Bad is the latest in a growing list of terms and phrases that get on my substantial tits. Where ever I am , if I hear the term My Bad, my neck snaps as I try to locate the orator. And I just want to go up to them and give them an ear flick and say “You are not bad YOU ARE JUST STUPID.”

I mean it does not even make any sense. Or am I missing something?

And there are other terms that make my heart ship a beat and my fists clench in a small but vicious rage. They include:

In all honesty

Get on the same page

At the end of the day (I can barely type that one)

Think outside the box

Boring, unoriginal and conversation fillers.  In my opinion, take a pause in conversation rather that throw any of these cliches into the mix.

And while I have my ranty pants on today,  to the anonymous commenter last week, do not call me “an idiot”. Surely you can come up with something better than “Idiot.” I almost replied “I know you are but what am I?” but I deleted it instead. That word is reserved, when describing me, for close friends and family.

And finally,  there seems to be a growing trend to sign email correspondence off with BEST. Now years ago I worked with an editor who was mad for signing her emails off with Best, Julie. Best what? They were mainly at the end of long a email about all the errors I had made on my copy-writing. Passive aggressive to the max.

Signing your emails off with Best is irritating. If you do it please stop it,  or at last do not email me. PR people I am looking at you. Stop it.

OK,  so I am feeling slightly better that I have got that off my chest.  Thanks for indulging me.  I have a jam packed day with back to back Christmas Concerts so I had better get my synergies in order and make sure all of us Woogs are on the same page while I, personally, at this moment in time, mainline caffeine.

What saying or cliche gets your goat?
Is my bad, really bad?