One of the Problems Christmas Presents.

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Consider giving an Australian Magazine Subscription and skip the drama this year. Why?

I belong to a rather large blended family. (Don’t you think Blended Family sounds like a human Frappe?) And come Christmas time my siblings and I are kind to each other and do the Kris Kringle thing. So that takes out 7 gifts BANG, just like that.

Then my lawyer sister, the only one that can be 100% trusted, does a Xmas Draw out of a hat and you get matched with someone. I am not going to lie to you here. You are either very pleased with who gets you or really disappointed. This year, one of my Brothers in Laws was lucky enough to get me and I have already emailed him the link to what I want and where it can be purchased online. At a substantially reduced price. And anything on special at this time of year, such as discounted Australian Magazines or two for one bottles of Vodka is a good thing.

This leaves me with only 31 gifts left to buy. Yeah. Walk in the park.

So I had planned on buying all my gifts online. Mr Woog usually organises gift cards for me to make my purchases as he breaks into a sweat if, even when miles away, he hears my credit card coming out of my wallet. So last week my gift cards arrived and I logged onto the very well-known Shopping Centre Group site to start buying when I read the fine print that they actually do not accept gift cards online.

“I should have just clicked onto Magshop Christmas and it would all be done by now!”

After I recovered, some days later, I faced up to the fact that indeed I was going to be doing the car-park fandango with the rest of the world. And for each day I put it off, the worse it is going to get. I did a smash and grab trip to the shops last Sunday and after an hour only managed to buy a diet coke and some sticky tape.

It is like that feeling you have when you dream about getting to a destination but fate keeps throwing random obstacles in your way. Like Dragons and Tornados or steamy moments with Guy Sebastian. (I KNOW! CRINGE….. But I hear he is very nice…..) I have to get back into the Mazda and face it. I know I do. It is just that I really do not want to. Spending money is one of my FAVOURITE things in the world to do but when it comes to competition parking, competition Zhu Zhu pet grabbing and competition lining up at the counter, it takes the gloss off the whole exercise.

I had good intentions to do all my Christmas Shopping online this year. But like most things in my life, things do not always turn out as planned. But it is not too late for you……. Save yourself!

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Who is the hardest person you have to buy for this Christmas?