The Pucking Mohawk

Towards the end of the year my 7 year old son begins to grow his hair out long. He does this in preparation for the end of year Mohawk,  a tradition started in Kindergarten. I like to believe he does this as a nod to him mother’s bogan roots. But this is not the case.  He got obsessed with Puck from Glee.

“Yeah you did Harry”
It turns him into an instant hero at his school and ups his cool factor a lot. His dad Mr Woog is horrified by the whole ordeal and the shave off has to be done with extreme secrecy. But he will walk down the street with Harry and his Mohawk and Jack in his tutu oblivious to the stares. He is good like that. Once he gets over the shock.
Harry’s badass Year One Mohawk.
Harry was a little glum last Friday,  so I suggested we go and see Martin the Barber to do something about his mop of hair.  Martin has been overseeing the Mohawk for 3 years and claims it is the highlight of his year. Harry’s face lit up and in we went.  Martin and I had a lengthy discussion over what type of Mohawk we would go for,  as there are several versions which names all have racial undertoney slurs so I shall not go into that further.
We went with the number 2 buzz and kept quite a bit of length which snaked down the back of his head into a lustrous rats-tail. What ever happened to rat’s tails? BRING BACK THE RAT TAIL!
You may have noticed Woogs have a gang sign. It you see me at Chatswood Chase,  bust it out ok?
So there you have it. Another school year over and another Mohawk done. I can see the changes in his face and fingers over the 12 months. My little boy is growing up.  He now likes grunting instead of speaking and eating instead of breathing. And I think I should consider changing his name to by deed poll to either Balyde, Chayce, Dan-Yel or Amerikus and then getting it tattooed, tramp stamp style just above my ass crack.
What is YOUR family Christmas tradition?