Skylanders Vlog and Giveaway. Plus how gaming makes parenting easier and I only just found out about it.

Mr Woog and I have always prided ourselves on the fact that we will not let an electronic gaming device darken our door. We wanted out kids to play imaginatively,  promoted outside play and physical activity as the thing to do.  When our kids visited kids houses that had gaming consoles,  they went spare and went into a zone. A gaming zone. A zone that you could not pull them out of until you yanked the cord from the wall.

Yes,  look at us!  We are as pure as the driven slush.

A few weeks ago,  the people who made the newly released game called Skylanders sent us out the pack. My kids almost lost it when they saw the box.  They had been watching the TV ads for weeks.  They were just so excited, bless their dear little hearts, until they realised there was nothing to play it on. It was gold.

So they took it down the road to their mate Zack and Mia’s place. Jack actually told me that THEIR parents loved them more because they had a Wii. I agreed with him.

A week later,  another box arrived at the door. The generous folk from Skylanders cottoned onto the fact that this house was devoid of gaming technology and sent us a Wii Console to play it on.

Later when the kids came home from school, I told them that I had changed my mind and had bought them a Wii.  I was the hero!  They were all over me.  Whoever said money cannot buy love was wrong,  even if it was someone else’s money.

My kids now have a high level addiction to gaming carefully monitored session every ten seconds once a week. And as we only have one game,  they are Skylander Masters. And we use it now as the main bribe for all of our parenting.

“If you take the bins out you can play Skylanders.”
“If you stop smashing your brother in the mouth, you can play Skylanders.”
“If you whip up a coq-a-vin, you can play Skylanders.”

Here is Harry playing Skylanders.

See what I mean when I say when he is IN THE ZONE?

If you would like to WIN SKYLANDERS, please leave a comment telling me how SKYLANDERS will enhance your parenting skills. The winner would be selected by Gill Grunt from Skylanders and announced here on THURSDAY 22ND DECEMBER.
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