Take the antlers off the car.

So here is the thing,

When did dressing your car up become a totally acceptable normal past time? Where I live,  in the leafy North Shore of Sydney,  people are mad for accessorising their cars.  I have tried to stem the tide of Family Stickers by writing about them before.  But (unsurprisingly) it made little difference and each and every day I pull up at a red light to find a row of stick figures all staring back at me, most probably from a BMW X5.

(It has also helped me come to the assessment that the richer you are,  the more kids you have.  I have never seen a huge MY FAMILY collection on a 1992 Ford Laser. It is a status thing, like saying “This is how many kids we have and they are ALL going to private school.”)

I urge you to click over to http://www.creepyuncle.com.au/ and get a more realistic variety of characters to chose from.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post. Yesterday as I was driving around,  getting about my usual business, I was confronted by no less than a dozen cars dressed up as reindeer. Each time I saw one my blood pressure sky-rocketed and I strained to see who in fact drives a car dressed up as a reindeer.

And then I started to worry.

Was I the only person who did not have a Family Sticker or Reindeer stuff on my car?  Were these people happier because they drove around proudly showing off each member of their family on their rear windshield?  Was I a mean Mum when I uttered “In your dreams……” when one of my kids asked whether we could dress the car up as a reindeer a few weeks back?

Do we even have reindeer in Australia? And what is the plural of reindeer?

Why when I see them, do I want to cry? Like really really cry?

They too, just saw a car with reindeer antlers….