Vacation Care {and you are all invited!}

This little beauty pinged into my inbox yesterday. Seems that SawHole had her thinking  hat on. That happens. Sometimes.

As the special hell that is school holidays descends upon us, I have decided to think outside the square when it comes to childcare.

I have decided that what we need is Vacation Care for adults.

This would entail dropping your child off at vacation care and then dropping in next door at the adult wing.

You will be greeted by Here’s Moira, offered a glass of refreshing tea and then led into one of four sections.

The first is for the zen amongst us. It’s all Oriental chic with running water and a variety of spa treatments. The only person who will want anything from you is the therapist when they ask what treatment you want next. Sigh.

The all-time favorite is the infinity pool section, where you get a selection of magazines and a sunlounge. We guarantee no-one will speak to you, except when they take your cocktail and lunch order. Bliss.

This is where you will find Mrs Woog and myself. Sans Miraclesuits.

The winter wonderland section includes a comprehensive library of books, a crackling fire and subtle music in the background. Red wine is an option and we can also make it snow if you would like, subject to environmental health guidelines.

Last but certainly not least is the Fairstar section, where fun on the high seas awaits you. You can party your way into oblivion subject to environment health guidelines. For the frisky we can also supply a stranger to pash and dash if that is your idea of fun.

The bad news is it has to end but the good news is you can come back tomorrow.

Are you interested in enrolling into our Vacation Care Program?
Which venue suits you best?
Sawhole, you are a fricking genius.