And counting…….

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It is the day before my kids go back to school and let me tell you it cannot come quick enough. I adore my sweet children. Love them to bits but I can say honestly, with my hand on my heart, we are both sick of the sight of each other.

If I hear one more time “Mum, I’m bored…..” I may burst into tears and go and lock myself in the garage with a bottle of Vodka and my iPad. Again.

In the past week I have spent an obscene amount of cash on getting the Woogettes “School Ready”, the main expense being 2 pairs of shoes each. Jack had actually grown out of ALL of his shoes and has been getting around each day like this.

From the dress up box.

I dropped $105 on a pair of Clarke’s for him. Yes that is correct and about the same amount I would spend on a pair of “special occasion” footwear.  I cannot even being to talk about Harry’s foot wear, and the custom made orthodics he has which were equivalent to what I spent on my wedding dress.

Kids are expensive.

I read an article in one of the Sunday Mags this morning about a group of Mums who home school their kids. I cannot even begin to imagine what their weekly alcohol bill must be. But at least they can go barefoot I suppose.

Are you ready for your kids to go back to school?