Denim Underpants

I had a series of errands to run yesterday, so having dropped the Woogettes off at Tennis Camp (Oh Tennis Camp! If I could kiss you I would…) and headed over to my local Mega Shopping Centre with my to-do list in hand. 

I completed my tasks quickly, which is far easier to do when you are tasking sans kids. I sat down at a cafe and ordered a coffee.

 A large groups of teenage girls were sitting at a table next to me sharing a fancy looking blended drink, discussing what they were going to do that evening, while I eavesdropped like a weirdo. Their plans really just existed of going to Anna’s house to watch a DVD, or maybe going over to Sasha’s house,  to watch a DVD.

“Ah” I thought to myself “The innocence of youth”

The group left to go and check out the sale on at Diva where you could buy 4 things for $10. Apparently.  And as I watched them walk away, my jaw dropped. Innocence of youth MY ASS! Each girl was wearing a pair of denim underpants. And then I looked around and noticed that nearly ALL teenage girls in the shopping centre were wearing denim underpants!

Barely a crotch was covered, saving a small wisp of distressed denim.
I well and truly had my old lady pants on when I thought “Is that appropriate? Does your mother know you are wearing that? In my day……………”
And then I shut up because in my day, at the same age and at the same shopping centre, me and my friends were getting around looking like this…
I’m gunna learn how to fly………… HIGH
So I paid for my coffee,  grabbed my zimmer frame and ambled back to the Mazda, all the while thinking “What the fuck are my kids going to be wearing in ten years time…..”
What are your thoughts on denim underpants?
Are you tempted to take to your jeans with a bottle of bleach and a pair of scissors?
And do you think this look would work with jeans that have elastic at the sides?