Enough to make my eyes water.

Baby Daniil Shandrov was recently born in Tomsk, Siberia to parents Georgy and Svetlana. Isn’t he a peach!

But at 6.5 kilos at birth,  I should say more like a watermelon.  Svetlana had a natural birth without an epidural which is totally amazing in my opinion.

I am such a wuss.  I cannot even stand getting my legs waxed. So during my labour with my first son,  I would be known to ask for everything and anything on offer.  And that was just in my first stage of labour. I was sucking on that gas,  filling my lungs with whatever was in that tank and then yelling “I CAN STILL FEEL IT!”

I would make a crap Scientologist,  who believe in silent births. You are not even allowed to scream obscenities at your husband and all words are written onto placards.  My placards would read:

  • I fucking hate you!
  • I do not want to have a baby!
  • Turn that bloody Enya CD off.
  • Stop counting down until my next contraction or I am going to stab you you cockhead!

So anyway, back to me. After 48 hours of intense complaining, something happened. My body thought to itself “Sod this for a joke….” and then proceeded to shut up shop,  so to speak.  So Harry came out via the sunroof,  with me vowing to NEVER do that again.

Until two years later,  when I did it again.

So hats off to you Svetlana Shandrov.  You are bloody amazing.

My new hero Svetlana with husband Georgy and new baby/man Daniil.

Were you a-la natural or a sooky lala like me?