Help me…..please.

I detest grocery shopping.  I would rather sit and listen to Kyle Sandilands in a baking hot car for an hour than go grocery shopping. Out local supermarket is a Franklins that is so crappy,  it looks like something leftover from the war.

There is a crappy red mat that reads WELCOME at the door.  NONE of the trolleys work.  There is a bucket in nearly every isle collecting water dripping from the ceiling and always a cleanup in isle 3 going on. But it is the closest one and I can always get a park out the front, which I believe is due to the fact that it is so disgusting that no normal sane person would shop there.

Oh and it always smells like curry.

I go to Franklins to buy tampons, tissues, toilet paper and other things you do not need to eat. I whizz around in a rapid pace and am usually in and out in under 20 minutes.

You see I have stopped buying fresh food from the supermarket since I discovered Aussie Farmers Direct and Highland Farm Meats. You know the paddock to the plate type enterprises that cut out the corporate fat cats who are ripping our farmers off?

I love getting my delivery each week,  but this week I had a puzzling thing in my box.

I ask you darling reader,  what is it called and how does one prepare this yellow penis-like fruit/vegetable?