Hugo Woogo

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When my son Jack was born, we tossed the name HUGO around as a possible moniker for him. But then I immediately thought HUGO WOOGO and we settled on Jack.

With the upcoming release of the Martin Scorsese film Hugo, I have fallen in love with the name all over again, and knowing Jack as I know him now, I totally think that he could have pulled Hugo Woogo off.

Hugo is the first kid-centric film by Martin Scorsese, who is better known for such nail biting flicks like Goodfellas, Cape Fear and The Departed. So I was very interested when I started seeing the trailers for Hugo.

On the back of some very positive published reviews, plus the fact that Hugo has just been nominated for Best Picture – Drama, Best Director and Best Original Score for this year’s Golden Globe Awards, I will be taking my older son Harry (who is 7) along to see this film next weekend.

A bit like the Shrek series, this trip to the cinema will be more about me!

As a kid, my imagination played the main part of all my adventures I had, and watching this trailer bought back that wonderful freedom of thought that you have as a kid. The possibility of drama, suspense, goodies and baddies mixed in with a good slosh of whimsy. I used to write the most absurd stories with characters, twists and plotlines which I would then make everyone read. Which they did as they were my family and I nagged a lot.

This film brings back to me the sense of freedom you have as a child to let your mind take you to where ever you want, and I want to share that magic with Harry. Not Hugo Woogo, who cannot sit still for very long.

The film is to be released in 3D in Australia on the 12th January. Make a date with your kid and treat yourselves to a wonderful adventure.

I have 3 Double Passes to the film Hugo to give away. To enter, leave a comment answering this question:
If Martin Scorsese wanted to make a film about your life, what would you suggest the title would be?
Mine? Easy.
Woogie Nights.
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 Enter as many times as you want or you wake up in the middle of the night and think of something better. The winners will be judged and selected on creativity.
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