If Julie Goodwin is a teapot, then I am an industrial espresso machine.

“New Idea’s message that we should love our bodies whatever their size and age is inspirational.

But it is also irresponsible to pretend that it’s fine to be overweight.

Goodwin says she is a healthy size 14 to 16 and works out.

Unfortunately, any woman with a waist measurement of more than 80cm, like Goodwin, is putting themselves at risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

At 41, with three children, Goodwin owes it to herself and them to downsize and give Australian women another message – you can cook well and be trim.”

Ros Reines
Gossip Columnist
The Sunday Telegraph
I did not think twice yesterday when I posted a photo of me in my swimmers floating while holding my lady lumps. I think that is because I am ok with my body, lumps and all. Don’t get me wrong! I would love to whittle my waist, but until a time that I choose to do that for myself,  I will now bow to societies pressure to do so. So I choose to make the most of what I have got. Which is plenty!
Julie Goodwin has responded to this criticism with one of the best pieces of writing I have read on the net for a long time.  If you have not checked it out,  please click here.
One of my favourite tweets regarding this yesterday came from my good friend Clairey Hewitt, which really summed it up for me perfectly.

 I know who I would rather have to dinner, someone bringing fresh food and laughter rather than criticism and a protein shake.