Ingenious Invention Alert #5

Mr Woog and I were watching the news last night when a story came on about the Las Vegas Technology Convention,  which uninterestingly is the world’s largest consumer technology showcase.  It went through all of these super high tech products which will be coming onto the market place.

There was all sorts of impressive things, like an electronic car that can wirelessly refuel when you drive over the top of this nifty powerpad.  But the one item that stopped Mr Woog in his tracks was this.

It is an iPhone case with a built in bottle opener!
He was so mesmerised,  he grabbed the iPad (in a boring, non useful red cover) and googled it,  finding an Australian Distributor and instructing me to order 2 today. One for himself and one for his business partner. Because I am apparently his PA now.
What made me smile is that the dude that came up with this idea is probably richer than the bloke who invented the 3D television.
Ingenious Invention? Totally. And solves the issue of what I am going to get all the male members of my family for their birthdays this year. The only concern I have with it is, Does it encourage Drink and Dial?
I am going to work on an USB flash drive with a built in breathalyser.
Would this be a popular gift at your place?