Mrs Woog’s Newbie Week – RHONDA CHAPMAN

So, I am still up on the Sunshine Coast with all the family. I sure hope this scheduling is working ok.  I have never done it before. But more importantly,  I hope you are enjoying Newbie Week!
I want to be able to chase my son across the football field (without passing out)

My heart breaks when I look in the mirror and when I remember that I weighed under 75 kilos six years ago! The 20 kilos that I put on since 2005 when I moved countries are breaking my heart. Why the F**k did I let this happen? Depression, perhaps?

My life (not just my diet) changed since I moved to Perth. I had to take whatever job that came my way so we could pay our bills. I felt stuck in regards to my career. I was also missing my brothers, sister, parents, zillion of cousins, aunties/uncles, and friends.

I joined 4 gyms since 2005 and no sh*t happened. Lost 5 kilos in all but that’s it.

Then Master E happened and all attention shifted to him. I love him to bits but dammit, I had no time for ME. More kilos piled on. Hubby could eat a cow he’ll still look hot.

“Oh, you had a baby, it’s normal,” said every person I complain to about my weight.

No, it’s not normal. How come YOU are not fat? You have two or four or six kids.

In November this year we went to Bali. We had fun, yes, but I just couldn’t remove my sarong to swim in public. I was at my heaviest: 95 kilos. I had a meltdown when we got back to our room. I felt so down and couldn’t believe how much just looking at myself hurts.

I decided there and then that I will do whatever I can (without committing any crime), and just push forward to lose those 20 kilos. I looked at my son that night and made a silent promise to myself that I WILL BECAUSE I CAN. If I managed to keep my weight under 75 kilos once upon a time, why can’t I do it now?

I WILL ALSO DO THIS FOR MY SON because I do not want to be the Mummy who can’t play with him in the park or who can’t fit in a wetsuit when he and Daddy decide to go diving one day. I don’t want to be the Mummy who misses out because she’s unfit. I want to be the Mummy who chases him across the football field on Sundays and who can fit in the bumper car when we go to the adventure park.

So, I am six weeks into my promised journey (aka my PJ) and I worked out at least 4 times a week. I have cut back on how much I eat and I have lost about 10cm off my waist already. I weigh myself every morning but I don’t trust the scales as I’m building muscles while I lose the fat. I trust the measuring tape, and it’s reporting great changes.

I’m so proud of Me! Hell yeah, why not? I CAN do this and I WILL. I just need to remind myself of the promises and why I’m doing it, That’s how I keep going.

Rhonda lives at , a blog where she’s keeping her PR/comms skills alive. At this stage, she’s rambling about whatever she wants to. She’s mum to Master E, wife to Hubby and PostGrad student (Commerce/Marketing). Currently working on new blog to coincide with her son starting school. Her favourite movie quote is from Con Air – “Put… the bunny… back… in the box.” (Cameron Poe). Connect with Rhonda at!/rhonda_chapman and