The one that I forgot……

Did you ever see Home Alone? You know the movie where the family all rush out the door and leave Kevin to his own devices for a bit?

Well that was like me just before I rushed off on my bloggy break. I left Mandy home alone. But now she is here. Make her feel welcome won’t you?

Birthdays, I hate them! Sad, I know, but very true.

I only hate my own. I love to celebrate my children’s birthdays, and hubby’s.

So why not mine?

Because it was last week, the first week of January, that’s why!

A number of reasons really, but firstly I am scarred. Having a birthday in the first week of January Sucks Big Time.

It’s pretty well been non-existent my whole life.

You know the saga, kids never around in the school holidays.

Then when I was in my early 20’s everyone was all like, “I’m so broke after Christmas” or “I’m so broke after New Year’s” or “I’m still hung over I better have a weekend off”

And to them I give them the one finger salute as I choke on my own bottle of wine.

Secondly, to add insult to the pain, I went and gave birth to my daughter 2 days after my birthday.

Now it’s seriously non-existent.

My birthday is saturated with little girl birthday preparations.

But never fear, there is still usually time for wine, whine (or both)

Let me share a little story:

I had a pregnancy that didn’t work out, and was so desperate to fall pregnant again. Six months in, a bit of an emotional psycho and it was almost March. I made the decision despite my desperation to go back on the pill for a month because, I did not want to inflict this birthday pain / curse on my future child.

As soon as I came off the pill, Bingo! Pregnant! Hallelujah to that. Baby’s impending arrival – February 5th 2006.

And what happened, she arrived a month early. Seriously, is this the powers to be trying to teach me a lesson, or just trying to beat the control freak out of me!

And furthermore due to other complications I sat in hospital for six weeks before her arrival, so yes, I did sit in hospital bored out of my freaking brain on my birthday.

Hold onto your seat, it gets worse; this lovely day sitting in a hospital room on my own was on my 30th Birthday. Very very sad state of affairs.


There was a time when I tried to invent ways to create good birthday vibes they included:

When I was younger I told my mum I wanted to celebrate my birthday on its ½ year. E.g. 30 & a ½. Get the drift. She was non-cooperative.

My brother always used to whinge that his birthday was the last in the family to be celebrated. Here I am whinging that mine is the first. So I wanted to swap. He was keen as mustard, but again mum, she was non-cooperative.

You’d think that because I’m all grown up now, that I’d have gotten over myself. No, not really.

Some years I’m OK with it all, I suck it up, go ‘Hurrah to me’ and keep moving. Other years I walk around in a crap mood all day, wondering why I even got out of bed.

This year was not too bad, I got to go on a play date with the kinder mums to the park, and one mum even baked me a cake. No wine! And then I got to tend to the usual mundane chores that did not get the birthday memo.

Do you love to celebrate your birthday?
What do you do to make it a happy experience?
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