What I WAS going to blog about today.

I was going to blog today about yesterday. And how at 10am I heard a sickening thud which turned out to be my son Jack’s head connecting with the floorboards after he fell head first off the top bunk. And how then I had to throw him in the car,  along with his mate Finn and brother Harry and race up to the hospital where I drove around and could not get a park,  all the while shaking Jack so he would not fall asleep due to concussion.

I WAS going to tell the tale of parking on the sidewalk and running into the ER with floppy Jack and being admitted straight away. Of sitting around for a while cradling Jack while his brother kept yelling out “He is FAKING! FAKER!” and his best mate Finn telling medical staff “He was there,  then I looked at the DS and then I looked back and he was gone…..”

I WAS going to tell you about how a nurse told me to go and move my car and so I drove around for ages until I found a metered parking space about a kilometer away and went to pay and realised I had lost my wallet and how I burst into tears,  walking back to the ER in the pissing down rain.

Did I mention I was wearing my PJ top?

Anyway, I was going to bore you with things you can do for 5 hours while your child is under observation and how thankful I was for Finn’s mum for coming and getting both Finn AND Harry and the panic texts I sent to Mr Woog and the mild flirting that went on with the most heartbreakingly handsome male nurse I had ever seen.

Finally I was going to talk about how, once we were released, we walked back to the car and removed the big ass parking fine from the windshield and drove home and where Jack immediately tripped up the front stone stairs and skinned the buggery out of his knees.

But I won’t.

Instead I will share with you Obama’s response to the disturbing shenanigans that went on during the recent Republican Candidate Debate. Much more uplifting don’t you think?