Why it is better to rollerskate in a body stocking.

During the week Harry and I were flicking around the old Foxtel remote when I came across something so very exciting. Xanadu was on!
Remember Xanadu?  It was one of my all time favourites.

I sat there,  watching and singing along to all of the songs.  Harry would watch the TV for a bit,  watch me for a bit,  back to the TV until he told me that the movie was really, really lame.

He is no son of mine. I HAVE NO SON.

He is 7,  which ironically was the age I was when Xanadu was released. (1980, you do the maths) He just did not get how progressive and cutting edge it really was.  I kept watching Xanadu and something thing struck me.

Why did I never have the dream fulfilled to have white leather ankle skates? 

You know the ones,  with the red laces and sparkly red wheels.  Girls (whose parents loved them) would often be seen carrying them around in special bags on the way to the Skatel. I had to wear the gross brown hired ones from the Skatel.  The Skatel was one of the one things to do where I was growing up. Everyone went to the Skatel. There was such sadness when it closed down years ago.

Tense times as you lined up for the Roller Race

 Listening to DJ Ken. Who sometimes took our picture…….
Watching Xanadu with fresh eyes, a few things stood out for me. The leading man that ONJ pashes quite a bit, is very unattractive.  A lot of the male characters dress like pimps. The dance moves deserve their own website. The outfits were quite forgiving, bar the body stockings. ONJ wore ribbons in her hair and Gene Kelly is the worlds best dancer.  Better than Justin Timberlake.

Right now I am guessing you either have no idea what I am talking about or you are nodding along. Either way put on your body stocking, limber up, take my hand and lets go. To Xanadu.

What was YOUR life changing Movie?
Did you love Xanadu?