And this shall happen on my passing.

My friend Eden Riley has something called a meme set up on her blog each Saturday where people can go and share posts on similar themes. She even had a button made for it! She is a clever cookie.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Eden throws a topic out each weekend and today it is Funeral Songs.  Specifically YOUR funeral song. What song would I like played at my funeral?
Well there would be two.
At first I would like to arrive at the venue after the guests are seated.  I think the venue would most likely be the food court at Chatswood Chase.  My casket would come down the lift and then be rolled towards the mourners to this song.

Then after a brief service, with special acknowledgement to the fact that I indeed managed to live till I was 102 in a moving address by Prime Minister Alexandra Allouache-Wong, I desire my friends and family enjoy an extended eating session at New Shanghai where there will be endless dumplings served,  all washed down with endless cold beers. Then when it is time for me to leave and embark on my journey to god knows where, I will be requiring a flash mob to Thriller. Which should look almost exactly like this.

I am sad I will miss it.

Do you have a funeral song in mind?