Do not Fear……… the Pap Smear!


When I think of how 15 years ago when I got a call to say I had unusual cells on my cervix, I immediately thought I was going to die!  Luckily my GP papped me just at the right time and after a bit of laser work I was as good as new. Since then I have become totally committed to getting a pap smear every two years.  Sure, I do not LOVE getting a pap smear, but I love myself more. And every time the results come back clear, I breathe a big sigh of relief.



The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation has asked me to spread the word about their new campaign for Valentine’s Day, which is to make an appointment with your GP to get your lady bits checked.  Here is a scary statistic from them. 

Conducted in January 2012, the Newspoll survey* reveals over 920,000 Australian women (13%) have never had a Pap test, despite the introduction of widespread Pap testing more than 20 years ago. It also shows 40% are not having regular Pap tests every two years as recommended.



That is just whack. Yes, I wrote whack. 


700 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year, with 4 dying each week from a cancer that has a very good recovery rate if detected early. 


The same survey revealed that at least 97% of women carry out some sort of personal grooming in the lady garden area.  I am part of that 97% and only ever treat my doctor to a freshened up beaver when it is time my check-up. It is just good manners.  Also try and get one of the first appointments in the morning to maintain a good level of freshness.  This is not mandatory however, as my doctor says, she looks at vaginas all day long. 


And speaking of doctors, use word of mouth to discover a good GP in your area that is swift with the speculum. And even more important, make a Valentines Date with that doctor and DO NOT STAND THEM UP. 


My tip?  Getting through a pap smear is so much easier when you sing Kenny Loggins Footloose. Try it. I promise it will be over by the time these lines roll around. 


“We got to turn you around
You put your feet on the ground
Now take a hold of your ball
I’m turning it LOOSE!”


Tell me the truth! 


When was the last Pap Smear date you had with your doctor?