"Eden, What’s a Bloggie?"

From time to time by blogging buddy Eden Riley and I are asked to go and talk to companies about social media and mummy blogging.  We always arrange a time to do this around lunch, as you are then taken out to lunch. We are a bit of an odd couple at these things. I use words like outreach, trust capital and the like while Eden uses words like “Yeah – It is so awesome.” and “Yeah man, so cool…”

We have such a session on today so Eden came and bunked at my place last night, so I have actually had a decent conversation with a grown up recently.  Mr Woog comes home today. Thank god.

Anyway,  we had both had a bit of a retail therapy session and were busy showing each other our purchases. I showed her a leopard print silk kimono jacket I had picked up from Seed and Eden showed me a black top, a black top, a black top with a grey stripe and another……. black top.

I jumped onto my computer and saw that our friend Liz had been nominated for something called a Bloggie. Now when I think of a bloggie,  what springs to mind is something that might be shot out of one’s nose with extreme velocity. But no.  Eden told me is was the world’s equivalent to a Blogging Oscar and we were delighted that she had been recognised. Liz is a top bird.

Then something else popped up.  It seemed that I too, had been nominated along with 4 others as the Best Australian/New Zealand Blog.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up!

Eden got all excited and I kept asking her “What does it mean? I have never heard of them!”

Anyway,  she assured me they were legit and a very big deal.  I am only going to ask once.

In the vast universe of blogs, only a select few can be named the best. And that decision is now up to you. The original Weblog Awards are now in their twelfth year, and it’s time to decide who is Bloggie-winning material. Who will your vote go to?
– Stolen from the official site.

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