Got the Kerry Packers in….

“Darling, would you like me to pack up the tupperware drawer?”

This morning at 8am on the dot the doorbell rang.  It was the Valentines Day gift I had ordered for myself!  In bounded two hot Scottish men. I showed them straight to my bedroom so they could assess it. They were very pleased with my rear lane access and told me it would not take very long.

My packers have arrived and as I type they are furiously packing up WoogsWorld. I do not want to look. I have saved one change of clothes for everyone and 4 toothbrushes.  The rest is being boxed up and labelled. I have not lifted a thing,  nor do I intend to. I am sitting in my lady room,  listening to them chat in their accents about how the Australian Economy has turned to shit.

They are very professional.  I asked them what they did when they came across drawfulls of sex toys and they just told me “We pack and label them. We are very professional.”

Later today,  Barry the Manly Man is coming over to remove the fucking air conditioner that we so illegally, painfully and expensively installed.  I would rather he have it than our asshole landlords.

I am really sad about leaving our street.  It is the BEST street and our neighbours are fantastic. I worry about the chaos we will create in our new address. They will certainly know we have arrived. I am worried that Chuy will do the bolt and that I will never get Internet access again once I disconnect.

So farewell WoogsWorld,  our old world. And I will see you all again from WoogsWorld Mark 2,  if I can ever find the bit of paper with my Wi-fi password written on it.

PS Thank you for your de-lurking comments yesterday. It was my happiest bloggy day ever xxx