It is time to De-Lurk Dah-links!

Entering an online discussion after a time spent lurking esp. if suddenly prompted to do so.
-Urban Dictionary
A few weeks ago my bloggy mate Eden Riley and I went to talk to the staff at a company about social media and all things Mummy Blogging.  We arrived a bit early and sat at the back, watching the staff do those presentations I can so clearly recall doing when I was a cubicle jockey at a Publishing House.  You know the ones where you split up into groups,  formulate ideas on butcher’s paper and come back and present them?

Those. Corporates are mad for it. After 6 years absent from these types of meetings,  I was not surprised to learn the language had not changed a bit.  One chappy even said “At the end of the day.” TWICE!
The staff had read out blogs to get familiar with what we did and boy,  did they have some questions!
It got me thinking……. just who IS reading this blog? I know my family do because I have nothing really to talk to them about anymore as they know exactly what I am up to. I know there is a small and lovely readership that like to comment. I know my GP does because she told me. And I know Anna Bligh does because she tweeted me about a post. (Hi Anna!)

I once got an email from a reader telling me that they were on the bus that morning and a girl sitting next to him was reading WoogsWorld on her iPhone! No shit!

Who are you? Are you supposed to be working? Maybe you are in class or lining up for a coffee. Are you sitting on the loo? Perhaps you are in a doctor’s waiting room. Or are you at home putting off domestic chores. I know you are reading this because if you were not,  then you would not be reading this.

Who are you? Where are you?
Goddamn it, Delurk!