Jenny from the {cell} Block.

Yesterday Mr Woog dropped me off with my bag at the John Morony Correctional Facility.  It was not because the law had finally caught up with me,  I was there to check out the RSPCA Open day! (I know… OPEN day is probably not the right word to use at a prison. But there I was.

The Dog Rehabilitation Program is a joint venture between the RSPCA and the Corrective Services.  It gives dogs rescued  by the RSPCA a second chance while providing selected minimum security inmates with training and vocational skills in animal handling.

After being re-socialised by inmates,  the dogs are adopted out.

There was a demonstration which I missed as I spend my entire life running late,  but I caught up with my Mum and my sister Mrs Ryan and went to check out the dogs.

They were all just so beautiful. The dogs are selected from the RSPCA in Yagoona and come here for training and playing and I was thrilled THRILLED to discover that they have a no-kill policy,  which means all of these beautiful faces will eventually get a new home. Each dog is adopted out for a fee of $300 which covers vet checks,  micro chipping, desexing and other stuff.

This here is Jenny. She is an 8 years old Labrador and was rescued from an evil puppy farm where she gave birth to dozens of designer mongrels such as Labra-doodles. Jenny is the oldest bitch on the block and is marked down to $180.

This is my sister Mrs Ryan after we heard about Jenny’s case.  Mrs Ryan is now in the process of adopting Jenny from the Block.  Jenny from the Block is very lucky because the Ryan’s are animal crazy. They have an ancient cockerspaniel called Sam,  A dog that looks like Hairy McLairy called Scruffy,  an ancient cat with mental health issues called Mouse, a Burmese called George and a guinea pig called Coco Pop. Mrs Ryan just could not leave Jenny in the Block.

Mrs Ryan is a good egg.

We started the adoption process and then it was time to leave.  The RSPCA inspectors take adoptions very seriously and need to visit your house etc to make sure you are a fit parent.  We walked back to the car,  which was parked outside the Security Prison and I saw many groups of women with their kids waiting for visiting hours.  It was really sad.

As we went through the gates,  the guards checked our car and did not laugh when I yelled out “Quick! Put your head down and cover yourself with the blanket for God’s Sake!”.

They did not even crack a smile. I don’t blame them.  It was a lame gag.

For more information about adopting a pet from the RSPCA please visit and if you are looking to add to your menagerie,  Please PLEASE adopt!