Of mullet skirts and asshole cabbies PLUS other reasons I cried this week.

When you send your other half up to the servo to buy a packet of tampons,  a packet of Nurofen and a block of chocolate and the dude serving observes the purchases and says to your husband “Mate,  you are in for a good weekend…..” He is not kidding.

I have cried several times this week.  These cries range from prickly eyes to full blown sobs. Let me share a few instances where my eyes leaked this week.

I cried on Monday because I was on my way to a job and the taxi driver was a complete fuckwit and rude and got lost a LOT then yelled at me.  Then when I got to my destination it was drizzling with rain and I had all these clothes with me and then I dropped my visa card somewhere and lost it.

Harry’s birthday and I had a little moment when I was snuggling with him about how big he has got.  THEN I had a big moment with him later in the day when he ran away from school because he really really does not like his teacher.  An irrational fear of her which is totally rational in his head.

I also almost cried at all the comments that came in on this post I wrote for the Hoopla along with the dozens of emails I got.  The next day I did cry when this arrived in the post for me.

What was Wednesday…. Oh yes. I cried when I watched my neighbour’s from across the road get into a car to go and bury their father and husband. Big time. I was sad when I put Harry on the bus to go to the swimming carnival because he had a freak out.

Later I went to Chatswood and almost cried at all the mullet skirts for sale.

I cried with relief when Harry’s School can up with a workable plan and a solution for Harry’s ongoing issues with settling into school this year.  If it were not illegal and clearly unwelcome, I would have given the Principal, the School Counsellor and the Teacher a big pash.  I might still anyway if I spot them alone in the school sometime.

So far so good. But it is only 9am so I reserve my right to come back at anytime to complete this section.