Procrastinate – To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

Mr Woog has taken the Woogettes out to his parents place today to collect some of our furniture which has been gathering dust in their cellar.  You see we are moving from a mini house to a mega house next week, which means more space to fill with things that I have collected over the years,  mainly that being furniture.

My name is Mrs Woog and I am an Art Deco and Danish Furniture-a-holic.

I remember being at an Op Shop about 8 years ago when a truck pulled up.  It was driven by a couple dropping off some furniture.  Grandma had died, they had sold her house and all the contents were being donated to this Vinnies.  I was so sad,  but they did not seem to give a toss.  I watched as they dragged two art deco club chairs across the back of the tray and drop them off the side,  onto the driveway.

I asked them about the chairs.  It turns out that they were a wedding gift to the Dead Grandma’s from the Dead Grandma’s Dead Husband.  For 60 years they had sat in the “Good Room,” virtually untouched.  They were in pristine condition and weighed the same as a small car.  I called Mr Woog immediately and told him to bring the ute.  Mr Woog did not share the same enthusiasm or sense of urgency as me,  but it is amazing what a man will do when bribed with a sexual favour.

Now I did not really need 2 huge Art Deco club chairs,  but the thought of them being loved and cared for,  being so special to someone that was no longer here just about broke my heart.  So we took the chairs home with us. They were excellent breastfeeding chairs,  and I nursed both boys in them.

Jack (1) and Harry (3) playing on one of the Chairs.

A while after this photo was taken and due to circumstances,  the Chairs had to go into storage.  For years it was suggested to me that we take them and drop them off to Vinnies. No freaking way!  I felt I had an obligation to Dead Grandma to honour those chairs like she did.

So in the new Woog House,  I will have my own office where I will be able to shut the door and write to my heart is content.  Those chairs will be in my office and I cannot bloody wait to see them again.  And if Chuy comes near them with his scratchy little claws I will lose my shit.

Anyway,  I had better be off as so far I have done no sorting or packing,  and I was able to get out of the day trip and subsequent furniture lugging by saying I will have finished the sorting and culling by the time they get back.  So far I have had 3 coffees, read all the papers and written this blog post.

But I have lined up all Jack’s Barbies for a photo shoot.

Mr Woog, the Barbies are sorted!