Sexual difficulty, Divorce, Death and Moving House.

I have never wanted to inflict psychological damage on you more……

“They” say that moving house is one of the most stressful things one can go through.  It is up there with Divorce, Death and Sexual difficulty. I actually believe it can play a major part in linking all these things together.

Let’s take a closer look.

Divorce – If we WERE to divorce as a result of this hideous move, that would automatically eliminate half the unpacking that would be required.

Death – Is it ironic that if Mr Woog was to tragically expire, there would be enough life insurance to pay for some really good, professional movers and packers?  I would also probably organise some sort of super lifestyle guru to come and sort out the sock drawer and colour code my Tupperware.  This would all be done over a weekend where I would book into a hotel and come back to my new place with the smell of Beef Casserole filling the air,  having had been prepared for me by the new chef on staff.

Sexual Difficulty – this is fairly obvious.  It is going to be VERY difficult to have sex at all when you have been fully kicked it the nuts.

Back to the boxes for me now.