Today in WoogsWorld – What brings all the boys to my yard? Mr Woog’s mindreading fail PLUS My most awesome Valentines Day gift ever! WoogsWorld Out Now! RRP $0.00

Woke up on Valentines Day and pulled myself out of bed to go and make Mr Woog a special breakfast. Mr Woog went and fetched my a coffee from the cafe, which is located next to a florist.  When he returned with just the coffee,  I asked him whether the florist was closed, which would seem strange, being Valentines Day and all.  He looked a little sheepish and said “I thought you said you did not believe in Valentines Day.” After 18 years together,  he still does not know that what I SAY and what I secretly expect are two entirely different things all together.

The man totally fails at mind reading.

So for his Valentines Day present,  I got him a skip bin to fill with crap before our upcoming move and he got me some professional packers. Although I really booked the professional packers and later told him over dinner about his Valentines Day present to me.

Speaking of which, do you really know what brings all the boys to my yard? And it ain’t no bloody milkshake. It is a pile of crap and a skip bin. The neighbourhood kids are fascinated with it and wonder why we replaced the trampoline with a large container, that ironically now contains said trampoline.

What did you get for Valentines Day?