I got an email this week from a reader asking me if I was ok that I did not spring to victory in the recent Bloggie Awards.  The Bloggie Awards are the social media equivalent of the Oscars. Unknown to me, I had been nominated which I wrote about here. I went to vote for myself once but could not get past that catchpa thing which is there to make sure that you are not a robot. After trying a few times I gave up and forgot all about the Bloggies.  Anyway, the winners were announced a few days ago, of which I was not one.

The winner of my category is here at and it is a proper, grown up blog with good information and no mention of merkins.

When I was studying to be a kindergarten teacher, we looked at the notions “Fear of Failure” and “Fear of success.” I still have no real idea what they mean. But I went on to become the most useless but fun kindy teacher ever. I know I do not have a fear of success. I love success! And here of a few highlights in my life where I have succeeded or won something.

  • I won a meat raffle once at the Windsor RSL Club. THAT was a good day!
  • I won a basket of Sebastian Hair Care Products once,  for referring the most amount of people to my then hairdresser.
  • I won an award for creative writing when I was in year 9.
  • I have “won” many competitions on eBay.
  • I won an art prize at the Hawkesbury Show once. That was $100 thank you very much!
  • I recently won a Lottery Prize of $23,000,000 in a Conganese Lotto that I cannot even remember entering. Awesome.
  • I won the respect of the removalists last week with my ability to lift boxes.
  • I came second runner up at the Kirribilli Hotel’s Karaoke Championships in 1999. The Divine Ms M won.  She sang a kicking version of Blame it on the Boogie and had a massive Afro wig on. She was pretty awesome. I sang On Top of the World. I think I lost because of song choice. It certainly was not because of my voice……
  • I won the first ever Woog Cup when we went to Strike Bowling. IN YOUR FACE BOYS.

So to the lovely reader who took the time to email me to ask whether I was ok,  check out that list!  I am not a loser at all. I am clearly fucking awesome.

What is the best thing you have won?