Yeah so we moved….

My hot momma

It has been 5 days since our move and I still do not have Internet access because that was on Mr Woog’s “to do” list. I am now blogging like a total wanker in a cafe. A cafe,  mind you,  situated 30 meters from my house! HELLO! 7am sees Harry dispatched with some coinage for the coffee run. Delightful yes? Child labour yes? Who cares yes?

My hot momma (above) pitched in along with my not-so-wicked stepmother.  Dr Woog spent the entire afternoon assembling the Ikea bunks WITHOUT any instructions. Patience of a saint is he. And an old uni and bloggy mate Kim came with a cake and proceeded to unpack all my clothes.  She did not even laugh at my undies!  What a woman.

There were 3 removalists who managed to move everything without a scratch.  That is them up there on the box.  I can thoroughly recommend them if you need to move.

One person who turned out to be fairly useless was Mr Woog.  He did remove one box of glasses which all smashed.  He spent a lot of time in his new Man Cave tinkering with bits of string and hooks and fuck knows what else. I walked past him carrying a box when our eyes met.

I could feel something burning in the pit of my stomach and travel up my neck,  through my brain and into my retinas,  where is sprang like a laser of hate straight into Mr Woogs eyes. I saw him falter slightly before dropping what he was doing to join in the merry assembly line of box moving.

Later that evening,  he asked me about the look of hate. He said he had never seen anything quite like it. I agreed,  it must have been good because it got immediate results. I then spent a few minutes trying to get back the look.

“Nope…” he would say. “That is not it.” before I would concentrate a bit.

“Hang on…. what about this!” I said GLARING at him.


It must have been a one off.  I have tried to relive it in the mirror but it is gone. Along with my Internet access.

My favourite thing about the new place?  My KICK ASS OFFICE!  I cannot wait to show you. Mum has set it up like Mr Bouris from Celebrity Apprentice so I can fire people and look powerful doing it. Except the only people I can fire are Mr Woog and the Woogettes and I cannot really do that because I have signed contracts with all of them,  that being a marriage certificate and two birth certificates,  which ironically have been misplaced in the move, along with a doona.

Missed you xx