Close your eyes, and I’ll kiss you.

As a special “Thank You” to the kids for smashing my iPad,  I took them out last night to a special party in the city put on by Mix 106.5 and Channel 10. It was a Young Talent Time Party and featured Rob Mills, Johnny Young and some of the cast of the show.

Now my Jack is a massive fan and truly believes that one day soon,  he will actually be on the show. And after watching him work the dance floor like some sort of demon possessed,  I am starting to believe that he will.

Johnny Young walked  past me and, being the cool cat that I am, I yelled “Oh My God! You are Johnny Young!” which was really smooth and helpful for him,  in case he forgot who he was. He stood there for a few seconds looking at me before taking my hands in his and saying “It is so nice to see you again.” and so then I said back “It is nice to see you too.”  and then I got so confused because I had never seen him before. Hence my ridiculous greeting. YOU ARE JOHNNY YOUNG.

Then I turned around after our brief and awkward encounter and walked smack bang into Rob Mills,  who hosts the new version of Young Talent Time.  He had been bailed up by Jack who was showing him all of his ballet dance moves.

“Millsy” I said “My kid wants in on your show…..” Like it is that easy.  He was a good sport and had a laugh before showing Jack his own arabesque. Then I remembered the time he rooted Paris Hilton before checking myself. Like I have never had a lapse of moral standards before.

The kids enjoyed the show while I enjoyed a few beverages with the other mums.  And just to make sure I made a TOTAL dickhead of myself,  we gathered for a family photo.

image thanks to www.photoboothanticx.comAnd that is what I did last night.
Do you watch Young Talent Time?