The Condom Dress.

The people who work at the Apple Store in Chatswood really could teach the Federal Government a thing or two about efficiency. They were amazing,  right down the a sympathetic head tilt and tissues at the ready when they told me my iPad was fucked. One of my kids dropped it, resulting in a smashed screen that could not be fixed.

I was very sad.

I decided to try and cheer myself up with some window shopping. My dear friend The Divine Ms M had recently told me I had too many “feature pieces” in my wardrobe and that I needed to focus on the basics. I did not need another sequined t-shirt or leopard print anything.  The fact is,  to be honest,  I probably did not need anything, but I quite like shopping and March is a very big Birthday month in my family so, you know, I had to have a look ……… (and that is what we call justification)

The collection from the label Seed had me at “Hello,  look at all these pretty sequined tops!” Sigh. I flicked through the racks of pretty before I spied something that I think came under the heading of a good basic.

Ladies, I give you the Condom Dress.

I call it the Condom Dress because, like a condom,  you literally have to roll it over to get it on.  The area of my body between my armpits and my knees is pretty much a complete disaster but I put in on and thought LAYERING. Layering is totally my friend and I started to think about how I could wear the condom dress.

I called The Resident Blogging Stylist Nikki from Styling You and immediately issued her a challenge. How can I wear the condom dress without looking like two pigs fighting in a black spandex tube?

Click her for her suggestions.

The woman is a complete genius.

Now the best thing about the condom dress,  apart from sucking you in while still allowing full access to breathing, is the price. $50! BULLSHIT! No shit.  I went to buy 2 more,  one for my March Borned Mum and Sister Mrs Ryan,  but they had run out.  When I returned home I jumped online and ordered them from the Seed Website, which had free postage. Thank you!

Click here to check out the Condom Dress on the Seed website.

So that was my fashion fix for the month.  I can see it being on high rotation and like most condoms,  I just pray this one will not split.

Do you think you could pull off the Condom Dress?
How would you wear it?

PS this post was not sponsored in any way, shape or form.