The Fear.

Reading the Sunday papers is my weekly ritual.  I soak it all up.  I start with the gossip,  read both Sunday Magazines and then I turn to the news.

Today one article stood out.

And for some reason it really pissed me off.  So I sent it out onto twitter with the comment “Well ain’t that great. Just give me one more thing to worry about.”  Responses came back fast…….
And then it hit me.
The fear.
I read articles like this and automatically relate them to my own experiences as a Mum and I have come to the conclusion that I am a total failure.  Back when I had kids,  no one got circumcised and now it is gaining popularity which is backed by medical evidence that indeed you ARE better off without a foreskin. THE FEAR….
I read a post on Mia’s blog today which has turned into a lively debate with over 1500 comments. The topic? Vaccinations of course. THE FEAR…….
Studies have shown that breastfed babies grow up to be smarter.  I only breastfed for a short time (waving to you Lisa…) THE FEAR…..
And now it seems I have to worry about the fact that I had a narrow set pelvis (disguised in an alarmingly wide set of hips) which meant my kids came out the sunroof and now they are going to be fat. Fantastic.  THE FEAR…..
So to my darling boys.  I humbly apologise if you grow up to be obese, slightly thick but vaccinated, and with a higher chance you will contract syphilis and gonorrhea I am sorry.  You can totally blame me. But blame your dad for your flat feel ok.
Do you suffer from the fear?
Do you research anything?