In a style rut? Need some inspiration? I have the answer…….

I was watching Fashion Police last night.  I love to watch Fashion Police. It is a show on the E! Network and is hosted by Joan Rivers and her Joan Rangers.  Joan Rivers is a complete scream and says things that make my jaw drop with alarming regularity. She is evil and I love her.

They featured the singer Rihanna, she of the velveteen voice and very bad taste in men.  Rihanna was in the firing line for an unusual ensemble she had put together, obviously after drinking methylated spirits.  She has adopted variations on this look and either I am an extremely old fuddy duddy who has no idea about style, or Rihanna has completely lost the plot?
Please tell me this look is not going to break into mainstream?  If it does, and you want to jump on the skankalicious band-wagon, here is what you need to do.

Get a pair of jeans and cut them off just below your lady garden.  Grab two of your hubby’s shirts.  This will work best if your hubby favours flannel or denim. Pop a shirt on and tuck them into your new denim underpants.  Now get the other shirt and tie it around your waist like you did when you were a teenager because you thought you had a big ass. Now (gets a bit tricky here – stay with me) pull the shirt underneath your shorts and out the back so they hang over the back of your thighs.
Go and make a cup of tea.  This is a long process.

Once you are refreshed, take a pair of black opaques and chop them off at the crotch.  Roll them up each let and secure with some electrical tape.  Have fun with colour!  Rhi Rhi is rocking the red in this picture, but there are a multitude of colours available at Bunnings. Dig out your Doc Martens from the early 90’s, throw a jacket on and me? I would do some sort of Ed Hardy hat, worn cheekily tilted.

Your look is now complete!

Pros? You already have something else to change into when you spill coffee down your front.
Cons? You look like a twat.
Do you like Rihanna’s look?
Do you think you could pull it off?