Mr Woog cooks dinner….. again.

One of my most dreaded things is what to decide to cook for dinner. As the kids finish breakfast every morning they ask “Mum…. What is for dinner?” Mr Woog always calls mid afternoon to enquire “What are we having for dinner?” and I look in the fridge and ask myself “What the fuck am I going to make for dinner?”

It is not that I do not like cooking. It is ok. But every night trying to cobble together something that Mr Woog will hoover, Harry will annihilate and Jack will pick at, complain, tells me he hates it and cry, well it can just wear a girl down.

So imagine my interest when Mr Woog disappeared into the toilet on Sunday morning with a copy of this under his arm.

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This book was sent to me by Harper Collins.  It is a fun read about a French lass’s shift of life into Australia and also contains some seriously easy recipes.

Anyway,  Mr Woog emerged an hour later and through a waft of pong to announce he was going to cook dinner.

Cue the angels!  Hallelujah!

But Mr Woog cooking dinner is never easy.  I have wrote about it before here.

This time it was almost exactly the same.  Except he chose a less fussy meal which only needed one pot. He made Poulet au Vinaigre (fancy french way for saying Vinegar Chicken, which just sounds completely vile).  His Poulet au Vinaigre gently wafted the most delicious smells throughout WoogsWorld as he fussed over the stove and asked me a million questions.

“Should I cover it?”
“How big should the pieces of chicken be?”
“Can I substitute red wine vinegar for white wine vinegar?”
“Do you think it is done?” x 13

I must say it was delicious and told Mr Woog this every time he asked. Which was a lot. Can I just say it tasted a whole lot better than it looked.

Even though some were not convinced.

But thanks Mr Woog,  my lazy french cook. You can take over the kitchen anytime you like!

Mr Woog competing in the Tour de France last year.

What meals are a hit at YOUR place?