An Open Letter to Channel Ten

Dear Channel Ten,

It has been bought to my attention that the children’s program Young Talent Time is to be pulled off the air this Sunday for something called Super Sunday.  Super for you?? Well not super for the thousands of families who rely on that end-of weekend-ritual.

Here at WoogsWorld,  we base our whole discipline structure around the airing of Young Talent Time.  Common examples of this include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • If you do not do your homework you cannot watch Young Talent Time.
  • If you belt your brother up again,  there will be no Young Talent Time for you.
  • Eat all your dinner or guess what? No Young Talent Time!
  • It depends if you are good.
  • I bet the kids on Young Talent Time do not forget to wear underpants to school.

By taking away the main carrot for my kids,  and many around Australia,  you are placing families under stress.  I bet you did not think about that when you shifted your programs around!  6.30pm is the PERFECT time to air Young Talent Time as Mums and Dads get a peaceful hour of silence in which to drink wine and argue about finances.  By taking this time away,  you are partially responsible for family breakdowns.  Did you realise what you were doing?

Friday nights at 7pm will not work for us.  Everyone is tired from the week,  we are busy getting slightly toasted on wine and the kids are cactus and in bed by then.

So I urge you,  before you take out the full page ads in the Sunday Papers declaring your new Sunday Night line up,  please think of the children. And me.

Mothers of Australia deserve a break.  You have taken that away from us.  We demand a re-instalment of the program,  with an added repeat on a Friday night as well as a filmed on-line apology from Rob “Millsy” Mills apologising for the extreme fuck up.

Or the poster gets it.

Mrs Woog

PS Please join in expressing your disappointment in the comments section.  I will be forwarding this to the Director of Programming by close of business today.