A Sparkly Disco Party

Yesterday we had Jack’s Sparkly Disco Party,  an event that will go down in Woog History as one of the funnest,  funniest and fanciest in history!  I believe that a parties success depends on the host,  and our host was in fine form.

You can never have too many sparkles!
We had a dozen little girls and a few token boys and we had ROCKIN HIP HIP HOLLY!

Hip Hop Holly was my freakin hero. She had them all in the palm of her hand.  To book Hip Hop Holly for your party click here.  She is going to come and run my 40th next year. She was also a whizz on the old face paints.

Jack and his Fairy God-Father St. Murphy.
Then as a special treat,  Sydney’s own Mr Fabulous Adam Williams dropped in for a vodka cocktail and added a bit more sparkle to the proceedings. He is a super dooper dancer and a model and taught me a few moves.  It was plain to see who the pro was when we whizzed around the courtyard to Madonna. I did not fall over. Winning!

Thank you for not dropping me Adam, and also for smelling so delicious!
Adam then ran a catwalk workshop for the kids.  Down the hall they stomped,  straight towards the front door where a group of parents stood.  Some looked horrified.  All the kids were obsessed and wanted Adam’s autograph and so we did it up proper like.

The line went out the door.
And just as kids started to leave I remembered I HAD FORGOT THE FUCKING CAKE!  Jack asked for a Disco Ball cake. I think it looked great! I seriously made it myself. Which means I put the shiny ball things on the cake.

Anyway, the party kicked on into the wee small hours. I was shattered,  covered in glitter and ragingly toasted when I crawled into bed.  I woke this morning to this.

And that is not even the half of it. It has been a long day.

Anyway,  Jack said to me this morning that he could not wait till his Birthday,  which is actually on Tuesday.  I am not sure what he is expecting but I do expect he will be a tad underwhelmed……….

Happy Birthday for Tuesday Darling Boy!