There is a story everywhere you look. You just need to keep your eyes open.

My darling Jack. 
I am about as good at cooking brownies as you are at spelling the word.  Stop lying to your teacher. I have never made brownies in my life.  Not that I have not thought about it on occasion,  when I am eating them.

Dear Cranky Lady in the Carpark,
You drive that massive Mercedes 4WD even though I suspect you have never been on a farm.  I let you go in front of me and watched with slight amusement as you did a 342 point turn and then drop your token,  losing it.  I observed you pressing the buzzer for assistance,  screaming at the non-english speaking attendant to let you out as you had to go and pick up your kids from school. May I suggest you not have such long lunches with your girl friends and get yourself a little lesson in manners, patience and grace,  because girlfriend,  you are coming across quite bitchy. Just saying…..

Dear Channel 9 News Reporter,
I too was shocked at whatever you were reporting on.  It had something to do with a gun racket in the Sutherland Shire?  Anyway,  can you please email me ([email protected]) and let me know where you reported from.  $12.99 for a bottle of Villa Maria is UNHEARD of around these parts!

Dear Group of Protesters in the city yesterday,
I was moved by your stories and your faces.  Ordinary people getting fucked over by an incompetent government makes my blood boil.  You taught me something I did not know.  Thank you.

Have you got a story on your phone?
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