What I learnt from Khloe Kardashian.

Last night I was watching one of the Kardashian spin off shows.  Sometimes I watch a Kardashian show to feel intelligent and superior and to confirm my suspicions that grown ladies should not speak in baby talk.

Khloe is finding it difficult to get duffed.  I am going to tweet her today to suggest she too, needs to take her clothes off.

Anyway,  so I was in bed watching and had a Woogette in with me.  A sick, vomiting Woogette who had managed to drift off to sleep while I lay beside him. Watching the Kardashians. Learning a little something about life from Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian was talking about how every day had a Pit and a Peak.  Something shit will happen followed by something good.  I reflected back on my day to try and identify my Pit and my Peak.  The Pit was easy.  When you have a spewy kid,  it is pretty full on hey.

The peak was when I took delivery of Mr Woog and my Wedding Anniversary present to each other. We have been married for ten years this month. TEN YEARS PEOPLE! We had a customised Bus Roll made, depicting all the places we have either lived,  spent a significant amount of time in and of course the city in which I nearly died.

It makes me smile every time I look at it. It will now always be a reminder to me that when I hit a pit,  there will be a peak around the corner. No matter how mundane.
So thank you Khloe Kardashian and best of luck to your and your husband in your quest to have the world’s most gigantic baby.
What was your PIT and PEAK from yesterday?
Or maybe you have already had yours today…..