Where has the creativity gone? Brands gone Bad.

I was watching the box the other night when I became a bit riled. There was an ad for a deodorant starring fashion designer Wayne Cooper. I think it was the way he said “DisAstrous” that tipped me over the edge.  But it wasn’t just that. Something else was bothering me…..

I dug a little deeper into the new Norsca Campaign. Why was Wayne Cooper telling me what deodorant I should be wearing? Surely there was someone more in line with the target market and demographic. Then I found a woman trying to sell it to me.   I am sure to have something in common with her…….

Nope. The last thing I need to worry about is NOT perspiration and white marks. I have HEAPS of other things to worry about!!! HEAPS!

My brain was a buzzing by this point. Why was a deodorant brand using celebrity ambassadors to sell me their product. The only thing missing was a celebrity chef.

I went investigating. Bingo.

I am calling this the Holy Trinity of Celebrity Endorsements. The Fashion Designer,  The Model/Singer/Actor/Presenter and the Celebrity Chef.  BUT WE ARE MISSING A SPORTSMAN NORSCA! Sheesh,

Now I am no marketing or advertising guru but this is what I think went down.  The Norsca people paid a research company a stack of money to identify 3 celebrities that they felt best fit with their brand.  The 3 were chosen and were offered $75,000 each for an ambassador role. They took the deal.

Meanwhile,  the people at Norsca were STOKED. Celebrity ambassadors!  What a breakthrough.  Then they employed a creative agency to come up with the concept.  The agency went out for a long lunch to celebrate the contract,  leaving behind in the office the 17 year old work experience girl to write the actual scripts.

The commercials were filmed and released,  where they burnt into my retinas and stayed in my brain. The whole campaign is “DisAstrous” in my opinion and Norsca will NEVER get near my pits,  unless I HAVE to model for Wayne Cooper.

Bring back the fucking horses running through Scandinavia.  We can create a Facebook Page for them. I have had it up to here *pointing wildly above my head* with meaningless product endorsements by celebrities.

Lazy, lazy, lazy!  Bring back some creativity PLEASE!

Do celebrities sway your opinion when it comes to your spending?
Who is the best/worst that you can think of.