Working as a Blogger? Your questions answered.

When I meet someone new,  they inevitably ask “So do you work?” and I tell them that I am a blogger. Those 4 words are met with a barrage of questions so I thought I would answer them here.

What is a blogger?
A blogger is someone who writes on the Internet.  I am not a pervy old man posing as a suburban housewife, like my Dad used to think were the only people that wrote on the Internet.  I am just the suburban housewife bit.

What do you write about?
I write about everything and anything but mainly about boring, mundane stuff that happens to me. I can see a story in most things I get up to,  although some are not appropriate to share. The Internet is forever and all that. Sometimes something will shit me and I will get my ranty pants on, but mainly it is just about real life.

And you make money from doing this?
Why yes I do! I have ads and I do sponsored posts and general whore myself around other sites for green.  I have landed freelance writing gigs and have even been paid to go to America to write. I will do pretty much anything to avoid going back to work in an office. This is what drives me along with my need to write.

Aren’t you worried about being labelled a set out?
I could not give a fat rats.

Are you annoyed by the “Mummy Blogger” label?
I could not give a fat rats.

Can anyone start a blog? How do you start a blog?
Yes! I use the Blogger Platform because it is the easiest and once I did a presentation to the Google Geeks in Sydney (who run Blogger) and this technical dude made a mistake by giving me his business card so now, when I fuck something up on this blog,  I have his direct number so I can harass him. *Hi Brett* If you want to start a blog,  go to and you can set it up in a minute or two.  If you get stuck, let me know and I will email you Brett’s number.

How do readers find your blog?
A lot come from the Facebook and Twitter whoring that I do. Sometimes people will come and read because they have a mate who reads and the mate will tell them about the site.. And sometimes people land on my site from Googling words such as merkin, vodka and Vagazzle.

Where does the name Woog come from?
Woog is a Hungarian surname. Dr Woog was born there. It is a very unusual name to have and I often get called Woo, Wong or Wog by mistake. When this blog was born,  Mr Woog asked me to change the name of it when he found out about it a few months later. He is a very private person. I told him to bugger off.

What is the best part about being a blogger?
The community.

And what is the  worst part?
My Office Christmas Party was a total fizzer. Just me and a bottle of champers. Oh, and a packet of Twisties.

When will you stop blogging?
When I finally run out of things to say.

Any more questions?