You picked a bad day to die on me Mazda. RIP. 2001-2012.

This morning the Mazda looks like she has finally passed on.  I am waiting for the Battery Delivery Dude as I have used the internet to Google her symptoms. Things are looking bleak for our car. She has been with us ever since Mr Woog left me to haggle over her price at the used car dealership.  Since then she has been vomited in at least a dozen times and has been the victim of a side swipe which left her without a rear vision mirror.  This happened on Willoughby Road and the person,  who had obviously been seen doing the damage,  stopped and wrote a lovely note and included their phone number so I could get the money off them to repair it.  Which was lovely.

If they had not given me a disconnected/unknown number.

Bloody genius! Motherfuckers.

Anyway,  the car has picked the wrong day to die on me. I have to take some neighbourhood kids to school and then take a Divine friend of mine to the hospital. Yesterday she was at music with her toddler when she fell through the rotten floor boards. It was being held in a church and we both think it was a sign that we should not blaspheme anymore.

Therefore with all the drama surrounding me this morning I cannot blog today.

So I am blogging over at The Hoopla instead,  where I am further investigating reasons why you should not self diagnose on the internet. Click on the pic to be taken straight to the action. (and unlike that prick on Willougby Road,  I am not lying…..)