"Do you think you are an ignorant bigot?"

Overnight I received an email. It was a long, heartbreaking email. I could read through the mother’s tears.

Like me, this woman is the mother of a Princess Boy. I have written about being the mother of a princess boy a few times on this blog. Mainly they have been a wonderful recount, a celebration of independence and an acknowledgement of my sons “whatever” attitude to the knockers.

Let’s not forget he is 6.

A few weeks ago, we were at a birthday party when two little kids asked Jack “What is is your ears?”

“Hearing Aids…..” he said in between stuffing his face with cake.

They continued staring at him.

“Why are you wearing a skirt?” they asked so innocently.

Jack stopped stuffing his face, rolled his eyes in an extreme fashion and said “Because it is a party!”


I was silently wetting my pants.

Being the mother of a Princess Boy rocks! The only downside is other people’s attitude towards your son. Every tome someone asks me “Do you think he is gay?” I feel like answering with “Do you think you are an ignorant bigot?”

But I don’t.

You cannot or should not waste your energy trying to change people’s stereotypical views. Your family should rejoice in the fact that you have a happy, confident and wonderful son.  I know we do.

I hope that mothers of Princess Boys can see how lucky they are.

And every time you feel someone looking at you and your son in a disapproving manner, just put your best leg-warmered foot forward and DANCE!

 This was taken a few weeks ago. He was celebrating his new tutu.