Eden’s Underpants for Africa.

Am back at Woogsworld after my mini break.  I travelled to Melbourne to attend the Digital Parents conference,  which Mr Woog tells me is his idea of hell.  300 chicks and a few blokes talking blogging? Sounds like heaven to me. And it was.

I am going to interrupt myself right now to shout out a big thanks to the Original Mrs Woog for coming down and looking after the boys as well as Mr Woog,  who seems to have coped without me. Just. Although he DID text a few times,  things like “Where is the homework kept?” “Do you think the milk in the fridge would be ok?” and when I texted him a photo of the delicious Veggie Mama,  he did text back that he missed her dreadfully. I have no idea why……

Mummy bloggers in Australia are a bloody wonderful lot. And can they party? Hell yes.  Here is the survival kit that one blogger had on handy. I wonder who…..

A naughty, naughty blogger convinced me to help her kidnap a large fluffy Lindt Bunny,  which in turn was stolen from us.  We were in the shit as it was part of a door prize so instead,  we had to give the winning blogger a month worth of free advertising on our sites.  This will happen soon.

But my main task of the weekend was centred around this tweet.

Paralysed by everything and I have so much to do and I really need to buy some new underpants before I fly to Africa today.

It was a cry for help from my mate Eden Riley.  She had found out the day before that she was leaving directly from Melbourne to fly to Niger to help World Vision shine a light on the massive problem there,  that being a lack of food.  She is just the most perfect person to do this and I could not be more proud or brave or in awe of her.  I needed to make sure she would not have to worry about her undies.

I texted her to tell her I was in the city and I would buy her some underpants.  She thanked me and asked for a six pack of size 12’s in pink or purple but she was not really that fussy. I could never have picked her for a pink or purple girl…. you think you know someone hey!

Spent a few hours wandering around looking for Edens Underpants for Africa.  They were either to expensive ($20! I do not think so….. where is a Target when you need one) and then I found two sad packs of size 12 undies in Coles. Not pink or purple, but very practical.

Eden told me that there was a massive risk of kidnappings in the area she was travelling to. I told her not to worry,  after half an hour of her making her captors search their souls and question their own motives,  she would be released. Complete with an exchange of gang signs.

Follow Eden’s African adventure on her blog at www.edenriley.com and if you are a twitterer,  her handle is @edenland and there is an official hashtag.  My proposed hashtag was #edensundiesinafrica but the one that World Vision preferred was #edeninniger. Mum please do not ask me what a hashtag is.

Congratulations to World Vision for seeing the power of blogging.

Do you think blogging is powerful?