How to make an Easter Hat from the $2 Shop, when they have run out off all the Easter Themed materials, in just 5 Easy Steps!

Last year I surprised myself and anyone who knew me, by winning the title of Best Hat at my kid’s schools Easter Hat Parade. It was one of those rare times where the science, art and stapling gods all got together and took pity on me and the hat I was working on turned out fucking amazing!

I bragged about it for weeks.  I think I wrote at least 3 posts about it. And now I have been wondering how I can follow up on last years triumph. I feel so Dolce and Gabannaish……

This week I went to the $2 Bargain shop to sniff out my competitors selecting their crafty stuff. When I got there, there were no competitors and there was no Easter themes crafty stuff left. Just empty shelves that used to be full of bright yellow fluffy chicks and bunny ears. All that was left was a ceramic duck holding an egg.

My fellow mothers had cleared out the store.  There were two other mums standing there.  One of them mentioned that there might be a better selection in Chatswood. The other Mum said she could not be assed to go to Chatswood. I liked her immediately.

I also could not be assed to go to Chatswood to seek out Easter hat making supplies. So I made do. And now I am going to share with you my 5 steps to making an Easter Hat using things from the Party Section of the $2 Bargain Shop.

STEP ONE – I selected a pair of fairy wings, a packet of coloured feathers, some sparkly pipe cleaners and a Santa beard.

I must confess here as well,  I “invested” in a Hot Glue Gun. I did this to avoid the humiliation of seeing Harry parade around last year,  collecting bits of his hat from the ground as he went.

hands up motherfucker

STEP TWO – You might see these fairy wings as just that. But turn them upside down and mould them a bit and I see some giant bunny ears!

STEP 3 – Load up your bad-ass glue gun and stick some pink feathers in the centre of the angel wings/bunny ears.

STEP FOUR – Take the Santa Beard and stick some sparkly pipe-cleaners into the centre to form whiskers.  Turn it over and chop it it half.  Taking your awesome glue gun, which has already paid for itself, and glue the bottom section, folding it up to create an even stranger looking beard. A bunny beard.

STEP 5 – Add a pair of disco balls. Just because. Stand back and admire your handy work.

And there you have it!  Making an Easter Hat from the $2 Bargain shop devoid of any Easter Paraphernalia for the school parade is easy. And I will be judged on my efforts come Thursday, weather permitting.

Please note,  this is the only craft thing I actually do all year. It is my thing. In my head, my name has become synonymous with quality festive head-wear.

Are you a crafty mamma?