"Jesus died on the Cross so you can drink champagne."

This statement was made this weekend by a family member. I piped up “That would make a great title for a blog post!” Dr Woog, my beloved father-in-law suggested I change it slightly so I would not be crucified by any of my readers who might take offence.

So I decided to steer clear of a whole blog today. Instead I will share with you some snaps on stitching up Easter, Woog style!

Kids and bubbles.

Mr Woog walking thought the gardens trying to avoid black eye contact with me.

Where Christmas and Easter comes together to cross pollinate and produce confusing festive items.

In case you forgot

Turning water into champagne

“What freaking sugar rush Mum?”
Highlight of the weekend. Nigella’s Guinness Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. GIMME

Over it.

More bubbles……………….

I so did not make this,  but if I did I would honour myself with some sort of award. Like a Michelin Star or something.

What was the BEST and WORST thing about YOUR Easter?