Mamma Needs a Margarita – (Alternative title – Harry’s Mexican Mullet Hat!)

No one really tells you how addictive glue guns can be. I started out as a soft, social user. I remember tentatively loading up that mofo, waiting for it to warm up and squeezing the trigger. (I am glad I can remember this,  seeing as it was only two days ago.)

After I completed Jack’s Hat,  I started to feel a bit neglectful of my older son’s Easter Hat dreams.  Harry wanted a Mexican Mullet Hat. That was the only brief I was given. So I found a Mexican hat and bought a couple of feather boas, to create the coveted mullet.  Glue gun was on the bench,  warming up, when I took a lustrous glossy black feather boa and cut it in half.

To those who know how the mechanics of a feather boa works,  you will be recoiling in horror right now. I NOW know how the mechanics of a feather boa works, that being if you cut one in half,  the whole thing explodes in a fluffy cloud of feathery mess,  as if each feather has been released from it’s confines and is now desperately trying to escape. The kitchen was covered if black feathers (ever tried to sweep up feathers?) and then the cat walks in. And loses his shit.

ANYWAY….. the hat was looking sadder than Craig Thomson at a press meeting. I had to do something.

I went to Chatswood.

I bought some eggs and some baby fluffy chickens. Back home I overdosed on glue gunning and managed to stick myself the both the hat and the kitchen bench. Mr Woog came home and found me in the kitchen, which was still covered in black feathers.

“You seem to be quite obsessed with making Easter Hats.” He stated. “I did not realise how messy it is.” I asked him to help me but he offered to cook dinner instead. I took the deal.

Anyway,  the hat eventually got finished and Harry was very pleased with the result. So pleased in fact,  he popped it on and went and rode his bike up and down the back lane for 20 minutes,  showing off to all of the other kids in our street.  I was stoked that the hat passed the wind and velocity test.

Harry shows the hat it’s country of origin.

Do you have a secret addiction?