Parenting 101 – The Bait and Switch

Welcome to the next instalment of my Parenting 101 series,  where I develop a theory, test it, measure it and report on ways that you can cut corners and cut guilt out of your own parenting journey.

Eventually I am hoping to develop this series into a course which can be taught at Tafe.

Today we are looking at ways to trick your kids when you have fucked up. It is called the Bait and Switch.

So, I am back from a few days in Melbourne. On a side note,  Melbourne? How good are you???

I got all loved up over a Florist of all things – 

With Melbourne Hipster Blogger Smaggle.

The Woogettes remained at home under the watchful eye of the Original Mrs Woog and Dr Woog. The kids were beyond happy for us to go (Hello Cocopops!) but insisted that we bring them back a present from our trip.

No worries. Consider it done.
A few days away is good for one’s soul,  but as the days went by I forgot all about my promise to Harry and Jack. We arrived at the airport to come home,  and I still had not remembered to buy them a present.  I was too busy spotting Mikey Robins at the airport. I went up to him,  like we knew each other and said…
“Hey Mikey. Can I get a photo of us?” For those not on the know, Mikey is a well known comedian and I love funny people. Mikey looked me up and down and said…
“Yeah love. But make it quick…..”
Holy fuck!  As if I didn’t then proceed to fumble around in my bag looking for my iPhone. I located my phone,  whipped it out and took a most excellent selfie of me and Mikey.
I do not respond well to pressure.

Two hours later I was home. Without a present for the kids. And that was the first question they asked.
Here is where the Bait and Switch comes into play.
I told the boys I had bought them both a book. But in the rush to get home and see them,  I had left the books on the plane. But I did get a roll of Mentos for them to share. I apologised for the lame present, (knowing that they would MUCH prefer half a roll of Mentos then a book anyway). They both hugged me and thanked me, so very pleased with my offering.

Have you ever over-promised and under-delivered when it comes to your kids?