Sex Tips (with advanced apologies to my parents. It is one of "those" posts)

Mr Woog and I spent some time in our local bookshop yesterday,  checking out the latest titles and telling the kids to be quiet. So relaxing.

Anyway,  one book caught my attention. Together with my beloved, we read through it quickly and almost wet ourselves with hysterics. After that, I had to purchase the little pink hardback, so I could share with you some of my favourite words of wisdom from this lady.

Meet Ruth Smythers. She was married to The Reverend L.D. Smythers and in 1894 she penned a guide for new brides. Which I think was pretty brave, considering the Rev. looks like a sex starved serial killer. And after I read her book, I can see why.

(someone needs a mani!)

Mr Woog agreed enthusiastically with this point.

By this stage, I was beside myself with glee, wondering what Ruth Smythers was really like and what she would think of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s. I dug a little deeper and my heart sank when all evidence pointed to the fact that this was a hoax.

A hoax that still rings fairly true in the modern age.

Do you have a sex tip that would make Fakey Mcfakerson Ruth roll over in her non-existent grave?