Turns out I am not allowed to cancel Easter…….

The planned events of this weekend are going ahead despite my loud protests about how I look and feel like a freak show thanks to my mega back eye. (How did I get a black eye?)

I have been thinking about how I can get about and what I should do to disguise the fact that indeed I have trouble putting one foot in front of the other to move forward without maiming myself. Naturally I have turned to Polyvore for some style inspiration as to what one should pack when one expects to socialise a lot with family and friends over the long weekend, when one is sporting the sort of black eye you might get as a result of hanging out at a bar with Nick D’arcy.

I will be scaring children I suspect.

And to add insult to my injury,  my beloved has informed me that indeed if we were to partake in some Festive Easter Love-making this weekend, could we please do it in the style of a dog.

Guess who is not having any Festive Easter Love-Making this weekend?