Win at WoogsWorld! – The Uberkate Heart.

Mother’s Day is not too far away. We don’t tend to get ourselves all worked up about it here. All I ever ask for is for the papers to be delivered to me in bed along with a coffee and for everyone to bugger off for the morning. Total cost $7.50.

But for special occasions, Mr Woog tends to call my friend Kate Sutton, the designer at Uberkate, and together they will come up with something that will make me weep with joy. She is a good friend to have.

Kate started her business when she was living at Bondi Beach.  There she would thread beads and sell them to friends.  One day she asked me whether I was interested in doing a silversmith course with her. Oh how I laughed at her!

Guess who is laughing now?

Kate loves bloggers and social media and how the universe tends to throw good people together. She is a generous soul and says things like “I am just putting a bubble around you…” and other cosmic stuff. Oh and she loves vodka.

My darling friend has designed a new Heart Pendant and has launched it in time for Mother’s Day.

It is freakin beautiful and so very clever.  It is made up of three separate pieces and can be stamped with anything that ticked your fancy. Here is a picture of me modelling it. *ahem*

Did you know that EVERY peace of Uberkate Jewellery is handmade by Kate herself?  She tells me wonderful yarns about clients, including the joy she gets when people send back their necklaces, pendants and bangles for new names to be added.

And in the case of divorces, old names removed.

If you wish to enter this Uberkate Mother’s Day Giveaway and win Kate’s new Heart Pendant worth $695.00,  just leave me a little comment telling me…… 

What would YOU do on your Ideal Mother’s Day?

The winner will be announced here on Monday April 30.

And if you Tweet or Facebook this giveaway,  I will get Kate to put a bubble around your aura.

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Please note this competition has now closed.
The winner is BoyTown. 

Thanks for entering!